Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My First Tat!

     Just recently (last week) I got my very first tatoo! I have been really wanting one for quite sometime now, and always wanted one, just been to scared to actually go ahead and "do it". But I finally went in and got it done along with my very good friend and her sister. We finally got "diverginized" from tattoos lol
     I was more nervous than scared, I was just freaking myself out, like I usually do, but it wasn't that bad. It hurt, but not an excrutiating pain I was imagining it to be. In some places, it hurt more than others, such as on the bone, but not too bad. Would I go get another one? I probably would go ahead and do it agin... just not right now lol
     Right now it's still recovering, like it's peeling, and it's soo itchy! I just want to scratch the heck out of it, but i'm restaining myself from doing this... oh geesh it's so hard not to! I'll be posting a pic of it as soon as I get home (i'm on campus right now). Anywhoserz... ttyl <3

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