Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Influenster VoxBox: Product Review (Finally!)

So i'm finally going to review the products from my VoxBox that I received over a month ago now. I wanted to really test them out for a month to really know which products I liked, loved and didn't love. So here it goes!

First of all I will start off with this Garden Botanika lip treatment: It's supposed to leave your lips more smooth, fuller and less wrinkles after using this product 3xs a day over the course of a month. It has somewhat of a gel-like consistency which was nice.

Pros: When this was put before my lipstick it left my lipstick stay on longer and made my lipstick glide on smoothly. It also left my lips soft and smooth.

Cons: I couldn't really tell if it reduced the wrinkles on my lips or not.

Final Thoughts: I really liked this product and I still continue to use it, in the mornings and at night. Overall it's a great product :)

Cindy Crawford Meaningfull Beauty Skin Care System:

I really enjoyed this skin care system. I never really had a whole skin care system for my face or anything, so this was nice. My favorite products are the cleanser, the day cream and night cream.

Pros: The cleanser was to be used in the mornings and at nights. I was really impressed because it removed my waterproof mascara like nothing. It was gentle on my face and I really enjoyed this product. The day cream was so light and it contained SPF which is super nice especially in the summer. It wasn't greasy-feeling or anything. The night cream was light as well and left my face smooth in the morning when I woke up.

Cons: I used all these products, but I did not like the glowing serum or the neck and chest cream. The glowing serum broke me out on my cheeks and gave me rash, which was not pretty a sight. The neck and chest cream broke me out too and left me a rash as well.  Plus I really didn't like the smell of it :p My skin isn't really sensitive so I was surprised to find I had an allergic reaction to these products.

Final Thoughts:  I really enjoyed this whole skin care system, but I would recommend those three products I mentioned above the most.

Green Tea Peel-Off Mask:

I've never used this product, but have seen these packets at CVS, Walmart, and at Forever XXI.

Pros: All the "gross-ness" from the face came off after the mask was peeled off. It was easy to peel off and smelled yummy!

Cons: Nada! :) Nothing bad to say about this product.

Final Thoughts: I really loved this product! I really recommend this product :)

 Diamancel Foot File:
I was in need for a foot file so I thought this was perfect timing that I received this.

Pros: It came in nice packaging.  It did what it's supposed to do, and I used it on my sister ( I gave her a pedicure) and worked great on her. Her feet were really bad and cracked so it worked great on her.

Cons: I felt that on my feet, it scratched it up and didn't make them smooth. Also with my sister's feet, I had to use another file to smooth out the heels.

Final Thoughts: It worked great on really bad cracked heels, my heels on the other hand aren't that bad so I felt that it's meant more for people with really bad cracked heels. I didn't like on myself personally, but my sister did. So if you have really bad heels this is for you!


Pure Silk Shave Cream:

I really don't use shave cream or gel to shave my legs, and it's rare when I do. I usually just use soap and water and works just fine.

Pros: Nice packaging, good smell, cheap.

Cons: I really didn't like the part where the foam came out from.

Final Thoughts: I have used this product before a while back, and realized why I never repurchased. I felt that my hair grew back out REALLY quickly... I had to shave again in a day or two.  didn't really like it. Maybe it's just my skin or i don't know the issue.

Soft Soap Pampered Hands:

Pros: Nice yummy smell. Loved the packaging, with pump.

Cons: Nada!

Final Thoughts: I have purchased this product before and liked it. I would purchase this product again.

 I received the above pictured VoxBox product samples from Influenster for my review.  No other compensation was received.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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